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Our goal is to deliver authentic and well-researched content. It will be an honor to get an informative and quality piece of work from your side. Before getting in touch with your idea, please read this information. It will greatly improve your chances of being accepted.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Our authors range from experienced writers to first-timers. If you have any great piece of information that is 100% unique, plagiarism-free, and grammatically correct, feel free to write for us.

What kind of articles do we publish?

We only accept the articles on the following topics:

  • Diet
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Coronavirus
  • Vaccines
  • Meal planning
  • Mental health

What do we not publish?

We do not publish plagiarized, grammatically incorrect content or articles containing misleading and false information. Once you submit an article, it belongs to us. You will not be able to claim that article. This article will be published on behalf of Universal Health Mag.

Guidelines to post an article

Submit your idea first. If you are unsure if your idea will get checked off, we encourage you to submit it over to us first.

Once approved, You may make your payment before we publish the article. We charge a little for a guest post that is 25$ for one 1000+ word blog post.

  • The article must have a word count of 1000+.
  • It must be 100% unique.
  • It should be grammatically correct.
  • The information should be well researched and authentic.
  • It must have a focused keyword.
  • It must have an anchor text (keyword) pointing towards your website as an outbound link.

After submission, we will review your article, and if it meets the above-mentioned criteria, it will be immediately posted on our website.

Note: Copyrights of the content will remain with UniversalHealthMag, and you cannot publish it on other sites. UHM has the right to edit your article, whenever needed.

How to submit an article?

Once you are ready to share a unique article with us, submit it here: [email protected]

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