Working Out Every Day – Is It OK?

Working Out Every Day

Exercise plays a vital role in your life. Working out every day has many health benefits as it reduces the chances of several health problems. But the question is should you work out every day? The answer is no – it is not necessary to work out every day, especially if you are doing intense exercises.

You need to give rest to your muscles and body to heal up and restore. If you perform light to moderate intensity workouts, it will be fine to exercise every day. In all cases, you must see your body. If it is not pushing you beyond your stamina, it is ok to work out every day.

Here you will know how much exercise you need.

Is it okay to work out every day?

Experts usually recommend 1 to 2 days for rest. You must listen to your body first. If you are ok with your daily exercise routine or you are not causing any harm to your body, it will be ok to work out every day.

You must also take a look at your motivation level. If taking off a day makes you lazy to get back to your workout routine, do light to moderate exercises to stay on track.

Experts recommend 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise per day, or you can opt for 15 to 20 minutes of intense exercise daily.

Which types of exercises do I need to perform?

Experts recommend 45 minutes of moderate exercise if you are aiming to shed weight or accomplish your health objectives. These exercises can be accompanied by high-intensity, exercises like hiking, climbing, or running every day.

If you are doing intense exercises every day like cardio or weight lifting, you can take a day off to rest your body and muscles. If taking off a day makes you unsatisfied, you can target exercises for different parts of the body on these days. Similarly, it is good to add shorter workouts throughout your routine instead of longer.

You can add the following exercises to your routine:

Strength training

Muscle strength is quite important to improve the overall health of a person. It lessens the chances of falls and injury. Strength exercises also called resistance training includes weight lifting, band exercises, arm curls, pushups, squats, lunges, and a lot more. These exercises increase muscles mass and help in losing and maintaining weight.

Endurance exercises

Endurance exercises often refer as aerobics increase the breathing and heart rate of individuals. These exercises build your endurance or stamina by raising your heart rate.

These exercises are ideal to improve the overall fitness of a person. It helps in losing weight and gaining other health benefits. These exercises include dancing, running, swimming, biking, yard work, stair climbing, and jogging.

Balance exercises

These exercises target core muscles and the lower part of the body. It improves the balance and overall stability of the body. Standing yoga poses, Tai Chi, balance walk, standing on one foot, and heel-to-toe walk are the best examples of balance exercises. These exercises slowly improve the balance and help prevent falls.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises provide greater flexibility to your joints to perform their routine tasks. These exercises include yoga, Pilates, and various stretch exercises that improve mobility and postures. Don’t forget to warm up before stretching your muscles. 

Benefits of working out every day

Working out every day has several health benefits. It improves stability, boosts metabolism, and enhances the overall standard of health.

Provides energy

Exercise gives you energy and keeps you motivated to perform your daily tasks. It boosts the mood and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Reduces stress

Exercise reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. It improves sleep and keeps you relaxed and confident.

Provides mental stability

Working out every day improves your cognitive functioning. It provides mental stability and keeps your mind fresh and stress-free. That leads to better thinking and working ability.

Helps in weight loss

When you engage in physical activity, it helps in shedding extra pounds. Exercise helps in losing or maintaining a healthy weight. If you do not want to go to the gym daily for intense workouts, don’t worry. You can still reap the benefits of exercise by doing low to moderate intensity workouts at home. Stay active throughout the day, park your car away from your destination, or climb stairs instead of using the elevator. 

Other health benefits of working out every day

Regular exercise is beneficial for health and prevents multiple diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high BP, arthritis, cancer, depression, and anxiety.

Safety tips

Working out every day may cause injuries or soreness. These things can disturb your exercise routine. To stay on track, gradually increase the duration and intensity of exercise. If you experience pain, cramping, soreness, or any other problem, slow it down or talk to your fitness expert.

If you do workouts every day or indulge in intense workouts, here are a few safety tips to follow:

  • Always warm-up before stretching or doing any exercises.
  • Do not stretch so far that it hurts or causes pain.
  • Don’t forget to take proper liquid intake. If your doctor has restricted your fluid intake, be sure to check before increasing your water intake.  
  • If you are not sure about a particular exercise or do not know how to perform it, talk to your doctor first. 
  • Always talk to your doctor or trainer before starting any workout. Your trainer will give you a proper workout plan. Your fitness specialist will help you design a fitness plan that is according to your requirements, age, size, height, and physical condition.


Always talk to your doctor before starting any workout. Tell them about your health condition or any medication if you are taking. If you perform intense workouts, fix a rest day once a week.

If taking a day off makes you lazy, or you fear to detract, do light to moderate exercises on these days. You may also target different exercises focusing on particular body parts.

In any case, keep track of your progress and stay motivated to reach your fitness level and goals.

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