Is Walking 10 Miles a Day Good?

Is Walking 10 Miles a Day Good

Walking is one of the excellent forms of exercise to add to the daily routine. There are several other options available but walking beats the others in terms of easiness and low risk of injuries. Several studies show 30 minutes of walking is enough to get the maximum health benefits. But is walking 10 miles a day good? Certainly yes. If you are looking for bigger health goals, walking ten miles a day will help you.

It seems quite simple to walk ten miles a day but is tough to add in routine. Once you do this, your body will reap its benefits.

In this post, we’ll look at whether or not walking 10 minutes a day is good for you. Read on.

What are the benefits of walking?

Walking is the simplest form of exercise, but its benefits are tremendous and endless. Despite its easiness, it is one of the excellent forms of exercise. You can enjoy a wide range of benefits by incorporating walking into your routine.

Walking ten miles a day will surely give you ultimate benefits even if you are not ready to give that much time, you can still reap the benefits of walking.

Research shows that any amount of walking is good for health. It helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases. It lowers the risk of diabetes, mental problems, and reduces body fat.

Walking helps in marinating blood pressure and reducing the stress level. Therefore, it is recommended, to add more walking to your daily routine to reap the maximum health benefits.

Studies show these benefits can be achieved by adding only 1-2 hours of walking. But certainly, walking 10 miles per day will have excellent results.


Walking is an excellent form of exercise that helps in getting plenty of health benefits.

How many calories are burned by walking ten miles a day?

Walking 10 miles a day sounds good due to its health benefits – however, for many people, it can be an unrealistic goal. However, if you are planning to walk ten miles a day, you can expect to burn many calories.

The amount of calories burned during walking depends upon many factors. Primarily it depends upon the bodyweight of a person. On average, a 70 kg person will burn 300-350 calories per hour when walking at a pace of 15 minutes/mile.

A person heavier than 70 kg can expect to burn more calories than that. A person can walk 10 miles in 2.5 hours if they keep that pace. As a result, that person will burn a total of about 900 calories. On average, you can expect to burn 800-900 calories when walking ten miles a day.

Some people think the pace of walking also matters, but it matters only in terms of total walking time.

Like, a faster pace will help you complete your distance within a short time and results in more calories burned per hour. Additionally, it will reduce your total walking time.


Calories expended with ten miles of walking each day are primarily determined by a person’s body weight. The total number of calories burnt will be less affected by your walking pace. You will hit your distance sooner by burning more calories per hour.

Is walking 10 miles a day good for weight loss?

Walking ten miles a day promotes weight loss. As mentioned earlier, a 70 kg person burnt about 800-900 calories by walking ten miles a day. A heavier person can expect to burn up to 1200 calories.

You may be aware that to shed one pound of bodyweight: 3500 calories must be burned. If you want to lose one pound of weight per week – you will eat 3500 fewer calories during a period of one week.

Suppose your calorie intake and expenditure are the same – you may lose 1 pound weight per week by walking ten miles per day only for 4 days.

However, new research indicates that your metabolism alters over time as you lose weight. Because your body gets adapted to changes, it is possible – you may not lose weight once it becomes a habit.

As a result, walking 10 miles a day may not always result in constant weight loss. You may notice your weight has stopped once you are used to this routine.

To be on the safe side: it is good to make a combination of physical activities with dietary changes. If you want to lose weight, you must add healthy eating habits accompanied by walking ten miles a day.


Walking 10 miles a day is good to burn up to 1200 calories. It aids in weight reduction, but for long-term success – you must combine your walking routine with dietary adjustments.

How to add 10 miles of walking per day?

Walking ten miles a day seems simple, but it requires a lot of time, courage, and determination. If you are committed to losing weight and walking for many miles per day, you need a proper strategy.

You may adopt the following two strategies to add ten miles of walking per day:

Slowly add each extra mile

Do not start with sudden 10 miles of walking per day. It can cause fatigue and tightness of the legs. Start gradually with one mile. If you are comfortable with 1 mile of walking per 15-20 minutes, you may add another mile to your routine.

If you feel 4-5 miles a day is challenging, but you can still do it, continue it for one week. Add another extra mile on next week and so on. Adding extra miles gradually will not cause any devastating impact. It will gradually make your body used to it.

To avoid the injuries and restore the muscles, you may take a day off per week. If you feel you’re strong enough to add 2 miles extra per week, go for it.

Practice intermittent walking

If you cannot walk for 10 miles a day, it is good to practice intermittent walking – breaking up your walking regimen into short walking intervals.

If you cannot perform this task at once, you can break up your intervals into two to three walks throughout the day. It will be easy to add to your routine and help you reap the same benefits.


Add extra miles to your routine gradually, and instead of doing one long walk, it is good to divide it into multiple segments of short walks. It will give you the same benefits and reduce the risk of injuries.

Drawbacks of walking ten miles a day

There are many benefits of walking ten miles a day. But overall, is walking 10 miles a day good for you or not. Yes, or maybe not. There are a few drawbacks, so you must be aware of them before starting a walking plan.

Walking is time-consuming

It seems remarkable to walk 10 miles a day and lose weight, but it takes far too long to do so. Walking is slower than jogging and running.

You can maximum attain the pace of 15 minutes a mile. Above that range, you will run or jog, which has other drawbacks and benefits as well.

Walking ten miles a day takes 2-3 hours. If you have that much time, you can reap the benefits of walking. Alternatively, choose a walking partner or listen to music or your favorite stuff to enjoy your time.

It may appear to be an unreasonable goal for busy people, but if you’re okay with that, walking 10 miles each day is fantastic.

Walking is not as good as running for building strength

Walking is no doubt the best form of exercise. But it does not build up stamina and strength like running. Initially, you may feel improvement in your stamina, strength, and aerobics fitness, but it will not be enough. You need to run or perform weight lifting additionally to build your strength.

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Walking does not provide a complete fitness plan

Walking is ideal for the elderly and those who do not exercise at all. But it does not provide a complete fitness plan. It does not build up strength, muscle mass, and bone density. You need to add cardio, strength training, and weight lifting to get the maximum health benefits and endurance.


Walking 10 miles a day is beneficial, but it has a few drawbacks as it does not provide a complete fitness plan and takes a lot of time.


Walking is a convenient form of exercise that is effective for weight loss and overall health. It has numerous health benefits that are proven by science. Evidence show walking is a great exercise that helps in improving your physical and mental health.

Walking ten miles a day will provide you with numerous health benefits. It helps lose weight, especially when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes. But keep in mind – it takes a lot of courage, time, and stamina to walk 10 miles a day.

Despite its few drawbacks, overall, it is good to add a proper walking plan to your routine.

So if you want to know, is walking 10 miles a day good? The answer is yes. It improves your health and overall quality of life.

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