Is Distilled Water Bad to Drink?

Is Distilled Water Bad to Drink

We all know water is crucial for life. Staying hydrated is also essential to maintain various functions of the body and maintain health. But is distilled water bad to drink, or is it a good and safe option to consume?

Here in this article, you will explore is distilled water safe to drink compared with other types of water.

What is distilled water?

Water is free of sugars and calories. It is good to consume water instead of juices and sodas whenever – you are thirsty. There are plenty of options available to drink water. It comes in different forms. Some of them include:

  • Tap water
  • Mineral water
  • Filtered water
  • Distilled water

These are only a few types of water. Each type has its own benefits – however, some water types carry risks factors.

Read on to learn if mineral water is good for you?

Distilled water is one form of water that is formed from the steam of the boiling water. This process makes the water pure by removing all the impurities and minerals.

Some people believe that drinking distilled water is the best choice because it is free of impurities.

However, for some people, drinking distilled water is not a wise choice since, in addition to contaminants, vital minerals are removed from the water.

Almost all forms of water contain some impurities in form of minerals, nutrients, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants.

The whole process of distilling water, including boiling and evaporation, eliminates all forms of contaminants. It removes almost 99.9% of the minerals in the water. That is why certain people are advised not to consume this water.

Distilled water is almost the same as other types of drinking water. The only thing that makes it different is its purification method.

The process of distillation is difficult, and it cannot be performed at home without a machine.

Many individuals who live near the sea use distilled water to drink. The local municipalities have the facility to treat seawater and make it drinkable for the people.

Is distilled water bad to drink?

Of course not. Distilled water is safe to consume. However, you may not feel the same taste as tap water because of the removal of impurities.

Distilled water is made with the steam of the boiling water. This steam is then converted to its liquid state again.

During this process, almost all the impurities are removed including essential minerals.

Distilled water is safe to drink, but make sure to add nutrients and minerals from other sources.

For some people drinking distilled water is not recommended like:

  • Cancer patients
  • People who fast
  • Babies and toddlers
  • Athletes
  • People who do not eat a mineral-rich diet

For those people, it is good to avoid distilled water and switch to a purified form of water to maintain the balance of electrolytes in their bodies.

Others, especially people living in developed countries who eat a nutrient-rich diet can drink distilled water. They replenish their mineral intake from the food. Distilled water is absolutely safe to drink if you want to prevent contaminants.

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Risks associated with distilled water

Usually, water contains the two most essential minerals – calcium and magnesium. These two minerals are essential for the body, especially if you are not getting them from other food sources.

Distilled water lack these two minerals, and most risks are associated with the lack of these two minerals.

Storage of mineral water is a problem. It may contain contaminants or minerals derived from the sources – in which it is kept. When it comes into contact with any surface, including a container, it adds a trace quantity of that substance.

According to a report of WHO (World Health Organization):

  • Distilled water is tasteless due to a lack of minerals, and as a result, it makes people consume less amount of water.
  • It can cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body due to a lack of minerals.
  • Similarly, it can decrease various metabolic functions in the body.

Lack of minerals in the body can lead to several other health problems. It can further lead to an imbalance of various other minerals in the body like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many others.

As all the minerals are removed from the distilled water, a lack of electrolytes in the body will not be replaced by distilled water.

If people eat a balanced diet, including plenty of healthy food choices, they can drink distilled water. But, those, who already face the deficiency of certain minerals in their diet, must not consume this water.

Since most people tend to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, it is quite safe to drink distilled water. You can fulfill any loss of minerals or salt through sweating and urination by drinking distilled water.

Benefits of distilled water

Distilled water has many benefits. It includes:

Prevents water-borne diseases

Water-borne diseases are prevalent and are caused by consuming contaminated water. Distilled water is free of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Drinking distilled water will prevent water-borne diseases.

Cleanse the body

Distilled water is thought to cleanse the body due to its pure form. It is free of any harmful impurities, so most people believe drinking distilled water will cleanse their bodies. Though, research on this report is not enough.

Use when purity is critical

Distilled water is extensively used at places when purity is critical. It is used in labs and medical procedures since it is free of chemicals. It is used to clean medical instruments.

Cosmetics, such as shampoos and deodorants, include distilled water. Due to its non-reactive nature, it is also used in the automobile industry. It does not corrode the iron.

Reduce the risk of chemical intake

Due to industrialization, an excessive number of chemicals are being added to the drinking every day. It holds a threat to human life. Distilled water is safe to drink as it is free of any chemicals and impurities.

Is it healthy to drink distilled water?

Yes, it is quite safe and healthy to drink distilled water. You may not find its taste like tap water, but it is free of impurities.

Some sources claim distilled water is not safe to consume because it lacks minerals. While some sources claim drinking distilled water will cleanse your body and improve your health. However, neither of these sources and claims are fully correct.


Is distilled water bad to drink? Certainly not. Distilled water may not likely improve your health, but it is not bad to drink.

It may taste flattered due to the removal of minerals – but, is safe to drink due to the lack of harmful chemicals and pathogens.

If you are eating a nutritious diet, adding distilled water to your diet will not cause any harm to your health. You can replace the loss of minerals and electrolytes with your diet.

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