5 Minute HIIT Workout For Cardio

HIIT workout for cardio

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight how you can customize your HIIT workout for cardio. For the beginner who has never tried a workout before, we will also list down some of the most important cardio-based workouts that you can try for boosting energy while also burning calories.

Every day, you must pay attention to your physical activity ratio if you want to live a healthy, happy life.

This can range from hours you spend in the gym or just your active daily routine where you do a lot of physical labor or run around every day. While most people have desk jobs, they struggle with an active lifestyle.

Most people end up spending more than 12 hours behind a desk just completing their work whereas, for the rest of the time, they are too exhausted to function.

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This is the reason getting into a gym for a long and intense workout becomes a horrifying idea for them. This is why most people try to search for an intense yet very brief workout that can help them burn all the extra calories they have accumulated during the day and also helps them stay healthy and fit.

As a beginner who is not familiar with the workout balance and aligning the workout with the goal, most people think that the only good workout is when you spend a lot of time in the gym. This, however, is not true.

The idea is that you must look for a good well-rounded workout, like a high-intensity interval workout that you can customize easily according to your routine and available time.

In most cases, people do not have enough time, so they choose to have an intense workout for a very brief time.

On the contrary, when they have enough time, a lengthy workout can help them burn an equal amount of calories without any extra effort.

How Can A Good Exercise Help You Boost Energy?

We’ve heard people talk about the high they get after working out. Most people might feel this is a myth, but in real life, when you work out, your blood flow increases, and your body triggers the hormones that can help you burn calories faster and also help you with digestion and staying active throughout.

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When you work out, your body has to extract some energy through burning aft. These calories are then used for exercise. However, sometimes extra calories are also left behind in the bloodstream. It helps you stay fully energized.

Experts explain that extra calories are not the only reason why the body has to perform full activities. The brain tries to stay active for a little time, and it eventually helps the whole body and all the muscles perform the daily activities easily.

It causes an adrenaline rush that helps boost your mood and keeps you energized throughout.

High-Intensity Interval Training for Metabolism and Energy Boosting

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a very diverse workout frame workout, so you can easily add in the moves according to your own convenience.

Most people try to add weight-based exercise for muscle gain, while others try to rely on cardio for weight loss. In short, there are so many different customization options that you can try based on your goal.

With the help of this exercise, you will mainly be able to see an energy rush along with a metabolism boost. The workout is simple and ideal for beginners as well. You do not need any equipment because it is a workout based on cardio only.

For this workout, you need to start with burpee jacks. This will take just 20 seconds, and you need to perform this twice followed by just 10-second resting periods each time.

After the burpee jack, you need to start the squat jumps for just 20 seconds. This will take 2 rounds which means you will have 40 seconds of a squat jump followed by 20 seconds of resting period.

After that, you will have 60 seconds of extreme walking spree. Just stay in one place and act like you are on the run.

After that, you will repeat the same exercise with two rounds of burpee jacks and two rounds of squat jumps.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the HIIT workout for cardio is a full-body workout that will assist you in not only losing weight and burning calories but also maintaining blood sugar levels, which will eventually help you control issues such as diabetes.

HIIT-based workout is an excellent remedy for weight loss, and since there are so many ways to customize it, you can easily change some moves and align them with your goal.

If you want to lose weight, try to use a cardio-based workout – however, if you want to build muscles, a full-body weight-based workout will be a better option.

Since HIIT workout for cardio is not an exercise but is just a workout framework, you will be able to add simple moves that will help you easily customize your workout according to your need.

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