What Are the Top Healthiest Cuisines Around the World?

healthiest cuisines

Every region of the globe has its unique guilt meals, but when it comes to the healthiest cuisines – few countries come at the top of others.

There are plenty of food choices available that are healthy and nutritious. Different countries purely rely on unprocessed and home-prepped meals. Luckily, you don’t need to get there to enjoy their food. You can prepare it at home by using fresh ingredients.

Read on to learn more about which are the healthiest cuisines around the world.


According to Healthline and CNN, Greek food comes on top of others. Greek cuisine includes fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, lentils, grains, and yogurt.

Crete, a huge Greek island, is also where the Mediterranean diet — a healthy and successful weight loss diet – began. According to many studies, Greeks have a decreased risk of heart disease and live longer lives. All this is because of their healthy lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy some Greek food, you do not necessarily need to go there. You can try different Greek recipes at home by using fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and oil. If you wish to travel there, plenty of restaurants are available that are serving authentic Greek cuisine.

Try grilled fish, bean salad, Greek salad, falafel, roasted eggplant, Greek yogurt desserts, and souvlaki to enjoy a true flavor of Greek cuisine.


Pakistani cuisine is among the world’s best and healthiest cuisines. Many vegetables, herbs, and spices are native to the country. These herbs and spices are extensively used in almost every recipe. For example, turmeric, cinnamon powder, ginger, and garlic are used in daily routine to make curry, rice, stews, and other veggie dishes.

These spices have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cinnamon helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level and slows down the growth of cancerous cells. Turmeric also has various health benefits and healing properties.

Most Pakistani dishes are cooked in a healthy way. The use of vegetables, spices, and herbs makes it a perfect choice for weight watchers. However, few foods like fried samosas, biryani, nihari, and korma have high-fat content. It is best to avoid these foods and control your portion size.

Tandoori chicken, grilled fish, kebabs, dal chawal, chickpea curry, Chana chat, dal, aloo palak, aloo gobi, and lobia are the best options to try.


Forget all the fancy and junk food – traditional Mexican food include beans, vegetables, and fruits. All these things are a rich source of essential nutrients. Beans are rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

You will find plenty of restaurants serving authentic Mexican cuisine. Try guacamole, salsa, barbacoa, and grilled corn. But always keep a record of your calorie intake.

Though healthy Mexican food is usually made with tomato sauce and beans – it is easy to overeat queso dips. Manage your portion size to avoid excessive calorie intake.


Thai food is one of the healthiest cuisines around the world. It is usually prepared with vegetables. Different spices are used to enhance the flavor and aroma of the food. Chili, turmeric, spices, bean sprouts, ginger, and garlic make Thai food stand out from others. All these spices have various health benefits.

Turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Garlic helps in slowing the growth of cancerous cells. Thai cuisine has a variety of ingredients that promote metabolism and immunity, making it one of the world’s healthiest food options.

Thai cuisine contains various food options, including sautéed vegetables, traditional salads, tom yum soup, noodles, and seafood. 


Japanese food mainly consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. That is the reason, the Japanese have a high life expectancy.

Seafood, especially fish is rich in omega3 fatty acids. It is heart-friendly and promotes good health. Japanese also make use of soy products. These soy products are rich in probiotics. It promotes a healthy gut.

The famous and healthy Japanese dishes include sashimi, oden, gyoza, natto, edamame, miso soup, sukiyaki, and veggie stir-fries.


Korean food is delicious and healthy. It is getting popular all around the world because of its taste and healthy choice of ingredients.

Kimchi is one of the most popular Korean dishes. It is a fermented vegetable dish that contains ginger, garlic, and peppers. It contains a lot of probiotics. Probiotics improve intestinal health by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The healthy Korean food options include stews, tofu, soups, bibimbap, bulgogi, and japchae. It is ideal to make these Korean dishes at home. Beware while choosing Korean food from restaurants as it may contain high sodium content.


Spanish food includes seafood and vegetables. Healthy eating is the top priority of Spanish people. People love to follow healthy diets and control their portion sizes.

Tapa is a Spanish appetizer or snack that is served both hot and cold. It is a small portion of food that is usually shared in one sitting. It sounds like unintentional overeating. However, it is given in small portions – which makes you feel full after eating it. That is the reason, you can enjoy plenty of food choices in one sitting without increasing your calorie intake.

You can try chorizo al vino, patatas bravas, tortilla Espanola, and calamari as tapas to enjoy Spanish food taste.


Italian food needs no introduction. It is famous throughout the world due to its taste, ingredients, and variety. Italian food is one of the healthiest cuisines around the world, and what makes it healthy is the choice of ingredients – like basil, tomatoes, cheese, oregano, olives, spices, parsley, herbs, and a lot more.

Traditional Italian cuisines focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, spices, and whole grains. Italian cuisine also limits the usage of packed and processed foods that are high in sodium. These foods lead to various health diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

When picking Italian cuisine, go for fresh and whole foods instead of cheesy pizza, fried foods, and lasagna – as these dishes have extra fats and calories.


French cuisine mainly focuses on cooking and eating food made with local ingredients.

Here the people pay attention to the taste, smell, and presentation of their food. They choose fresh ingredients, olive oil, seafood, herbs, and spices. However, different regions use different practices to cook their food.

Brussel sprout gratin, French onion soup, and broccoli cheese quiche are a few healthy French dishes.


Hummus is one of the world-famous dips that belongs to Lebanon. Though Lebanese food mainly focuses on lamb, beef, butter, and rice dishes – there are plenty of healthy food choices like traditional salads, grilled chicken, lentil pilaf, baba ganoush, and baked kibbeh.

Controlling food portion size is the key to avoiding overeating. While ordering Lebanese food, choose small plates of healthy food options like tabbouleh, shakshuka, and falafel.


Healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to stick with tasteless salads and vegetables. You can add variety to your diet menu by adding different healthiest cuisines from around the world.

Check the above list and choose the best food for your next meal. But do not forget to control your portion size while choosing these foods.

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