What Is The Best Exercise for Overall Health and Fitness?

exercise for fitness

There are plenty of exercises that target specific muscle groups. You may have heard about the fitness exercises that target the upper body, lower body, or specific groups of muscles in your body. But if you are looking for the best exercise for fitness to achieve your fitness goals: this article is for you.

Body fitness exercise plans target various groups of muscles in a person’s body. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, a person must include muscle strengthening exercises along with the aerobic activity.

These muscle strengthening exercises will help you increase your heart rate and breathing. However, it is recommended to perform aerobic exercises for 20-30 minutes daily.

Incorporating a combination of a few exercises in your daily routine will help you target all the major muscle groups.

Here you will get a list of the best exercises for fitness.


Pushups are one of the finest exercises for fitness. This exercise target multiple muscle groups and helps in strengthening your shoulders and chest.

To start the push-ups exercise, you need to start with a plank position. Follow the steps as shown in the video.


Keep your feet together and lift your body in a straight horizontal line. Slowly bend your elbows outward. Lower your body and maintain a straight line horizontal to the floor.

Try to keep your stomach muscles engaged with your exercise. Perform this exercise slowly.

Push-ups help strengthen your core muscles, triceps, shoulders, and chest when done correctly.


Squats also target multiple muscle groups and increase your muscular fitness which eventually helps in burning more calories. It strengthens your lower body parts, buttocks, hips, and thighs.


Stand in an upright position with your legs apart from one another. Bend your knees and keep your back flat. While performing this exercise engage your abdominal muscles. Lower your body to the ground by keeping your hands down by the sides.

Perform the steps as shown in the video to understand the exact steps of the squats. Breathe in the air when you are in a squat position and exhale when standing back.


Just like squats, lunges target the major muscle groups of your lower body like the buttocks, abdominal muscles, and hips.


To perform the lunges – you need to stand in an upright position. Step your one leg forward by bending the knee of your back leg and use the muscles of your forward leg to push yourself back to the standing position.

Repeat this process with the opposite leg. If you want to make lunges more effective, try to step back and out to each side instead of just stepping forward.

Walking or running

Walking and running are excellent forms of aerobic exercise that improve cardiovascular health. You can improve your endurance by performing interval running, including the session of vigorous running, and then taking the breaks of walking before running again.

This exercise helps in decreasing your body fat, maintains your blood pressure, and increases aerobic capacity.

Every Fitness exercise program must include cardiovascular exercises to strengthen the heart and burn more calories. Both walking and running are excellent forms of exercise that are convenient and require no equipment.

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A plank is an excellent form of fitness exercise that will help you build your muscles and strengthen your core.

It works best for the buttocks, abdominal muscles, and hips. The simple form of the plank is easy to perform.


Take a position of push-up by keeping your arms straight to the ground. Straighten your back and tighten your core. Maintain horizontal position to the ground. You can add versatility to your planks by performing other types of planks like side planks, arm and leg extensions, and knee touches.

Hold the plank position for 25 to 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute and repeat the process 3-5 times.


Swimming targets almost all the major muscle groups of your body. It is a low-impact exercise that has plenty of health benefits. This exercise is also appropriate for people having certain injuries or health conditions, such as arthritis.

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Burpees are an effective whole-body workout that provides muscle strength and improves cardiovascular health. To start the burpees, you need to stand in an upright position. The steps as shown in the video.


Start with a squat position. Kick your feet back, and then get into a push-up position. Return to the squat, stand, and end with a jump.


Regular exercise is crucial to maintaining the health and fitness of a person. It is important to add a combination of different exercises to improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen the body, and improve your endurance.

To see real results and improve your fitness level, you must gradually begin and increase the frequency of your exercises and sets.

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